Rhino Lever Curl Bar

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Rhino Lever Curl Bar

This is a top loading lever curl bar. The lever curl matches the natural strength curve of your bicep. When doing traditional free curls the weight rests near your elbows during peak contraction.  This mean that your biceps have less load when they need it the most. The lever curl changes that. It offers max load at peak contraction.

Why no padding?

Padding distributes weight across a wider area. Instead of adding padding we chose to increase the size of the bar. This means there is no padding to wear or worry about. The increase in size of the bar combined with the way the weight rests results in a very comfortable and natural feel.

The Wide and Thick of it: Grip

It took over a year of design testing to decide on what grip was a good blend that would feel natural. The bar is 22 inches wide. This wide body combined with the wide top bar allows you to change the angle of your hands and adjust your grip. The lever curl is a different beast than a normal curl bar.

Built right here in our Mom-N-Pop Shop

We have been amazingly blessed to be able to build things and work as a family. These are built by us in our Mom-N-Pop shop located in Cecilia, Kentucky. Feel free to call or text any time with questions 270 287 3853. If we don’t pick up right away we are probably in the shop and will get back to you. -David & Pam


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