Bubba Bar 80 Inch 30lb axle bar

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Our Axle Bar is used by many Strongman promoters across the nation. It is a professional grade bar. This bar features our in house designed and built square core. This square core runs the length of the bars and adds 30% more strength over traditional hollow bars.


  • Overall Bar Length 79 3/4 inches
  • Load Sleeve length 12 3/4 inches per sleeve
  • Weight 29.5 to 30lbs

This bars are tested at 3000lb but are not intended to be used with Wagon Wheels. Should you used them with Wagon Wheels we recommend less than 500lb.

1 review for Bubba Bar 80 Inch 30lb axle bar

  1. crosales806

    Excellent bar. I have bent other axle bars doing deadlifts but have had no issues with this one. Highly recommend for putting up large deadlifts without worrying about bending.

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