About Us

When my son was born I looked at my life and thought about what I wanted most for him. I decided that it was for him to enjoy his life. That forced me to take a look at my own life. How could I teach my child to enjoy his life when I had failed to enjoy my own? I decided that I couldn’t. When I was younger I had many jobs but there were things that had been lifelong loves; these were building things, fitness, martial arts, and grappling. With the support of a loving wife we decided to go all in and combine these things into a business. I envisioned a place where it was okay to be broken, a place where people could come and shed the stress of their daily lives and be rebuilt. The tools we would use to rebuild would be the things that had been my lifelong passions.

When we first opened, we had little more than a room but it didn’t take long before our classes started filling up. After a few months we had to expand to include the next space over in the mini mall where we were located and then after another year, we had to relocate to a larger structure to facilitate our growing clientele (which by now were more like family).

As The Pain Factory grew, so did the number of people who walked through the doors who needed healing. Many of these were people in situations that had them feeling weak, vulnerable, and at the mercy of their situations. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment not only to themselves but to the ones beside them, men and women and boys and girls of all ages, have picked up the broken pieces of their life and rearranged them into something that they are proud to present to the world.

We build the equipment we use. Since we enjoy building it and people enjoy using it, we decided to name it Gorilla Strength by The Pain Factory and make it available to other gyms and fitness enthusiasts. Gorilla Strength by The Pain Factory was a success! We take great pride in what we do and believe wholeheartedly that things worth doing are worth doing right. Everything we send out, we are proud of and everything we build has a lifetime warranty.

Just as important as producing heavy duty, quality equipment is providing top notch customer service. Our number one purpose in life is to make a difference by helping people. Our goal is not to make a transaction with a customer, it is to create relationships, build friendships, and help people achieve their goals.